Securing your home is one issue that should be taken seriously because your family, your property, and your life are at stake. You definitely can’t take this for granted or you’ll be making your home an easy target for criminals.

Here are several tips and tricks to make your home safe from intruders:

Install a security alarm system

This security measure is effective in stopping intruders. When it detects that someone is trying to enter your house forcibly, the alarm blares out a loud noise. This alerts everyone in the house and the immediate neighbors.

Pro: That’s a simple and easy way to scare away intruders.

Con: It doesn’t work if you forget to engage or activate it. Also, expert burglars can deactivate it by cutting its wires. If it’s wireless, the system won’t work when you forget to replace dead batteries.


Mount a surveillance camera

Security Cam

Just the sight of this is more than enough to scare burglars away

This is a setup that includes security cameras that are mounted and wired to a viewing and recording device. It’s usually hooked up to a video monitor and a digital video recorder (DVA). You can read more about the importance of security cams to your homes and business by visiting the link.

Pro: The sight of the camera alone already discourages intruders from making an attempt. If they proceed, they’ll be risking their own safety as their activities can be recorded and they can later be identified.

Con: It’s expensive to install and maintain. It’s not always reliable, as savvy criminals can plan to avoid them or cover their faces so they won’t be identified.


Use mechanical deadbolt locks on doors

This type of lock is more durable and dependable than spring locks. Its solid steel bar makes it more secure.

Pro: It’s cheap and easy to install.

Con: You can be locked out if you forget where you put the key. A spare key left in a secret place outside the door could be found by an intruder, and he can use it to enter the house.


Trim the plants around the house

house trees

Perfect Hiding Spots for Burglars

Tall trees can be used by burglars to climb through the window, and thick shrubbery can be their hiding place. Cut and trim these so they won’t be able to gain access to your house easily.

Pro: Your exteriors are clear and intruders can’t get near your house without being seen.

Con: It ruins your fondness for lush vegetation.


Get a guard dog

German Shepherd

This dog will tear off the limbs of burglars with a smile on its face

This will give you an added security “feature.” A trained dog can scare away, or even take down a burglar.

Pro: The barking and growling of even an ordinary dog can be enough for the intruder to back off.

Con: A trained guard dog is expensive to buy and maintain. An ordinary dog might easily be tricked to stop barking and to back down.


There’s no single most effective way to secure your house. It often takes a combination of measures, devices, and practices in order to ensure that your house won’t be a target for criminals.