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Important Home Security Tips and Tricks You Should Not Miss

Important Home Security Tips and Tricks You Should Not Miss

Securing your home is one issue that should be taken seriously because your family, your property, and your life are at stake. You definitely can’t take this for granted or you’ll be making your home an easy target for criminals. Surveillance Cameras – This is a setup that includes security cameras that are mounted and wired to a viewing and recording device. It’s usually hooked up to a video monitor and a digital video recorder (DVA). You can read more about the importance of security cams to your homes and business by visiting the page.

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The Do’s and Don’ts in Hiring a Demolition Contractor

The Do’s and Don’ts in Hiring a Demolition Contractor

Tips in choosing the right demolition contractor for the job:

  1. Specialty – Hire the company that works exclusively on the type of structure you wanted demolished.
  2. Insurance – This is one of the most vital things to consider before hiring a contractor. An insured company will prevent you from being sued if a worker gets hurt on the job. Also, an insured company will also save you the trouble of going to court if by any chance, an adjacent home gets damaged during the completion of the job.
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Amazing Tips When Buying a New House

Amazing Tips When Buying a New House

When looking for a new home, the first thing you need to decide is whether to purchase a previously-lived-in house, or a newly-built one. There are pros and cons either way. As for the former, it costs less and is well-suited to people who want to move into their new...

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  • ATTOM: Home flipping returns fall to 8-year low September 19, 2019
    Thanks in large part to continually rising prices, investors are making smaller profit margins on home flips than they have in eight years. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, 59,876 single family homes were flipped in Q2 2019. This is up 12.4% from the previous quarter but down 5.2% from last year. But despite home flipping rising […]
  • Mortgage Tech Rundown: Freddie Mac, Realogy, and Groundfloor September 18, 2019
    This week's Mortgage Tech Rundown focuses on the latest product and software developments, integrations and more from companies like Freddie Mac, Realogy, and Groundfloor.
  • Federal Reserve cuts rate by 0.25%, defying Trump's demand for "Big Interest Rate Drop" September 18, 2019
    The Federal Reserve cut its benchmark rate by a quarter percentage in a bid to keep trade wars and the threat of a global recession – what it delicately called “global developments” – from tanking America’s decade-long expansion. President Donald Trump reacted to the decision by tweeting: “Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve Fail Again. […]
  • Realogy and HomeAdvisor announce iBuyer alternative to help sellers upgrade homes September 18, 2019
    Realogy, the largest U.S. real estate brokerage, is teaming up with HomeAdvisor, the online service marketplace that bought Angie's List in 2017, on a home improvement program they’re calling RealVitalize. It’s an option Realogy’s 50,000-plus agents can offer sellers with homes that need fixing-up who might otherwise turn to iBuyers that purchase properties “as-is.”
  • Reali continues to expand, launches escrow program September 18, 2019
    Not more than a month after expanding with a home trade-in program, real estate technology company Reali has launched an escrow business in an effort to save homebuyers and sellers time and money.